Spring, Lent, Easter, What Can We Learn From All Of This

Spring, Lent, Easter, What Can We Learn From All Of This


During Lent, we enter into a season of preparation, self-reflection and repentance when we seek to literally “turn around” and realign our lives and focus toward God. It is a time to give up things as well as take on new life-giving practices, helping us rid ourselves of distractions and our own selfish desires. By doing so, we seek to live and love as more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Easter Season begins on Easter Sunday and ends on Pentecost. Its focus is on Christ’s resurrection and ascension and the sending of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost), Easter is one of the most joyous and celebrated seasons of the Christian year. We celebrate the good news that in Christ’s death and resurrection we, and all creation, are continually being made new by God’s love and saving grace.

This season take a moment and allow yourself to reflect on the bigger picture of life. One that goes beyond our regular daily activities as a parent, a spouse and a friend, or work colleague. Allow the season of Spring and that of Easter bring out the best in all of us.

With all of these changes our team at Compass Consulting & Affiliates LLC has made a BIG change. We have MOVED into larger offices approximately 1/2 mile from our other location. We now have at our new facilitates the ability to facilitate continued group therapy, conferences and educational classes to assist in our counseling and teaching support services. We have grown these past few years and our desire is to serve you as effectively as we can. We look forward to serving you in this beautiful facility.  

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North Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Quiz: How Well Do You Cope With Change?

All change carries with it the risk of the unknown and the unexpected. Some find this exciting and welcome the challenge. Others go down the path of change reluctantly, dragging their heels all the way. But, as songwriter Johnny Rivers said, “The only thing that’s permanent is change.” A conscious, developed awareness of our response to change can help us develop better coping strategies.

Answer the following questions to find out how you cope with change. You won’t be scored at the end, but answer true or false to the following questions, and elaborate a bit on those that feel especially relevant.

1. I hesitate to make a change until everything is 100 percent right. T / F

2. I never make changes unless they are forced on me. T / F

3. Generally, I look forward to change as exciting and challenging. T / F

4. I’m the kind of person who has to be totally fed up before I’ll make any changes. T / F

5. When confronted with a change over which I have little control, I review the events and my behavior to determine if I could have done anything differently. T / F

6. Rather than feeling responsible for negative changes that come out of nowhere, I take responsibility for my reaction to them. T / F

7. I realize that sometimes even “good” changes have an underside that may bring unexpected problems. T / F

8. I realize that a positive change in one area of my life won’t smooth out all my problems. T / F

9. When coming to terms with a major change in my life, I attempt to keep other changes to a minimum. T / F

10. When a change or transition occurs, I review how I have handled other such events in my life for lessons on how to cope in this event. T / F

11. I look for other people who have undergone similar changes as models for how I might better cope with the change in my life. T / F

12. During a time of change, I ask for help and support from those close to me, reliable friends and outside professionals. T / F

13. After a life change, I step back from the situation to get perspective and rest in order to regain a sense of balance. T / F

14. I try to look at the “big picture” of the change, and acknowledge mixed feelings I might have. T / F

15. Rather than blaming or feeling victimized, when I’m caught in a changeover which I have no control, I “pick myself up, dust myself off” and continue to move forward. T / F

16. I don’t hold onto the “way things used to be,” but instead move into “the way things are.” T / F

17. In order to make a necessary change, I am willing to risk the disapproval and lack of support from others. T / F

18. When something positive happens for someone that might change our relationship, I don’t let my fears get in the way of being supportive of that person. T / F

If changes in your life are causing you difficulties, or if you need help in developing some skills to cope with change, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Take A Look At What’s Happening At Compass

Here are services we provide: 
  • DUI treatment programs and Clinical Evaluations are state approved for court ordered treatment. Allow us to help you. We also do Interventions for those struggling to get help. Call today: 678-395-7922
  • Individual, Relationship, & Child Counseling
  • Choices: Drug & Alcohol Court Ordered Group- Meets weekly. We also work with your probation officer. DUI, possession charges, and other issues arising from substance abuse.
  • Challenges Adolescent GroupMeets weekly. Now forming for Spring 2019.
  • Man ALIVE Now forming. If you are interested in joining a men’s group please contact our office for more information.
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Diversion Classes For Shop Lifting & Thief Prevention
  • Drug ScreeningAlso available on site and home kits
  • Relapse Prevention & Early Intervention Program
  • Substance Abuse Interventions for your loved ones
  • Adolescent Girls Group Now forming. Charity & Bethany are offering a 4-week intensive for adolescence. This is a focused group which will be held to a very limited number of teen girls. Give them a call about how to sign up your teen. 
  • Counseling for drug and alcohol issues. We treat both the addicted loved one as well as the battle weary family. We are here for you.
  • Executive Coaching is also available for the busy professional, who seems to never have time.

Our team of counselors have various licenses and degrees, so you will be sure to find the perfect match. Call 678-395-7922 today or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment or leave a message.
Dr. Rick Petronella, PhD
Dr. Rick offers a treatment program that addresses destructive behaviors such as alcohol abuse or anger management. If left untreated, these behaviors can lead to DUI’s, domestic violence, and multiple losses in one’s life. He is a also Certified Clinical Supervisor and a Master Addiction Counselor and holds a credentials in Advanced Clinical Addiction and Drug Counseling. You only live once; you deserve to live free of addiction and embrace fully all that your life has to offer.

Having practiced as an individual, family and corporate consultant for over 30 years, Dr. Rick has also been involved with specializing in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching. He also works closely with individuals, couples and families helping to make life as fulfilling, meaningful, healthy and conflict free as one would desire. He is the president and founder of Compass Consulting and Affiliates, LLC. and Choices Treatment Program.
Bethany Kinzel — MA, LPC, NCC
Bethany is an LPC focused on individuals, couples, and adolescence. She utilizes proven, clinical and educational techniques to help her clients live a more productive, meaningful and fulfilled life. Her educational techniques include: cognitive-behavioral therapy, family systems approaches, and mindfulness exercises. By practicing these techniques, the chains of repetitive, destructive behaviors will be broken, leading to a better quality of life.
Charity L. Simpson
Charity L Simpson, MS, LAPC, NCC, MDiv
Charity is a collaborative, relational-oriented counselor who seeks to support individuals within their current context. She integrates humanistic, existential, and systems theories with cognitive, behavioral, and solution-focused techniques. Charity seeks to work with clients to identify strengths, better utilize available resources, and work through challenges that pose obstacles to fulfilling life and relationships. In addition to traditional talk therapy, Charity integrates practices of mindfulness and creative approaches such as art, music, experiential, sand tray, and play therapies.

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